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Some notes to remember regarding RDA differences in constructing, and punctuating, formal titles:

  • When cataloging a single sheet printed item that does not have a title, use judgement as to whether the 245 should be bracketed.
  • RBT practice is always to add a 500 note "Title devised by cataloger," "Title supplied by cataloger," or some similar phrasing.
  • 2.2.4 (Other sources of information) gives an either (note) or (bracket) option; RBT catalogers should use judgement about bracketing but are still requested to include a note.
  • (Recording devised titles) provides some excellent suggestions about the content of devised titles; covers music, covers maps, etc.
  • When in doubt, bracket the constructed title.

  • Do not add a GMD.
  • Due to Harvard's past policy of using a single bibliographic record for multiple versions, microform holdings will often be found on the bibliographic record for the print original.
    • As of February 2019, we are instructed to leave these records as found, or
    • For more information, check the Multiple record site:
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