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One or more 510 fields should be added for items listed in the relevant standard or specialized bibliographies consulted by the cataloger, particularly "if these have been used to supply elements of the description" and also when "the cited source would serve to distinguish an edition (or variant) from similar editions (or variants), substantiate information provided by the cataloger, or provide a more detailed description of the publication being cataloged" (DCRM:B 7B14.2.). Use the form given in Standard Citation Forms for Rare Book Cataloging, or construct the form based on the guidelines given therein.

SPECIAL ALEPH REMINDER: Aleph does not allow two adjoining blank spaces. So, in order to follow the form proscribed by Standard Citations, in which there are two spaces between the main entry and the title, one must either type two carets ("^^") or one space and one caret (" ^").

Houghton does not have a list of mandatory 510s which should always be cited in catalog records. Instead, an annotated list of recommended references is maintained; this list is in a state of constant update and expansion.