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Aleph limits the size of each MARC field in bibliographic, authority, or holdings records to 2000 characters. When the 505 (Contents) field exceeds this limit, it must be divided into two or more 505 fields, with 1st indicator 0 for the 1st 505 note, and 1st indicator 8 for the subsequent 505 field(s).

When records are imported from a utility, Aleph breaks over-long 505 fields into two or more 505 fields, adding a subfield 9 containing "^^" to all fields after the first. Before saving these imported records to the server, be sure to remove the subfield 9 and correct end-of-field punctuation as needed, and check formatting.

Supplied information should be in the language of the manifestation. See RDA, "Use the language and script appropriate to the content of the resource being described, except where instructed to use specific terminology," and the LC-PCC PS Alternative, "Devise a title in a language and script preferred by the agency preparing the description." Houghton catalogers have chosen to interpret the latter as, we prefer the language of the manifestation in this instance.

505s can be either formatted or unformatted. When creating original records, prefer the formatted. In updating records, there is no obligation to change unformatted ones (of which there plenty!) to formatted.