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Indicate the presence of illustrations; see RDA 7.15 for further instructions. The fixed fields should correlate. If the illustrations are deemed important enough, add an additional 336 for them (336 |a still image |b sti |2 rdacontent). If making a 336 for still images, also make an 006 for them. For rare materials, catalogers may include reference to the specific process, e.g. illustrations (wood engravings). Alternatively the specific process may be described in a 500 field.

In the case of bound-withs, give the height of the binding in subfield c. If thought necessary, make a descriptive note about the height of the individual title in the bibliographic or holdings record, as suitable.

If following the RDA rules on physical description relating to unnumbered pages or leaves becomes burdensome, use AACR2 or DCRM(B) to catalog an item.