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Houghton has never had a survey done of the unprocessed collections. However, over the years we have identified large swathes of material that is uncataloged or under cataloged. We have done this in a variety of ways:

1. We maintain a “projects list” on the Groups drive that is used for planning purposes and is added to when we come across material in need. 

 2. The entire Widener transfer class (24 bays) is known to have in it much that is not in or barely in HOLLIS

3. There is material in the Typ class that has never been cataloged

4. There is material in the 9 bays of accessions that never got cataloged

5. There is a lot of fall-out from the original 1984 recon project; much was not cataloged at all (we have the sheets and cards to prove it) and we lost huge amounts of important information that was on our cards (currently about 350 drawers) when inferior records were brought in

6. Ephemeral and unique material was never cataloged (for example, many pamphlets, broadsides and prints and much of the Theatre printed ephemera)

7. Ward

8. Theatre was not a part of recon and so a lot of the printed monographs and serials are not in HOLLIS

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