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II.1. Harvard University Library Bibliographic Standards

The Rare Book Team catalogs printed materials for all Houghton Library units, with limited exceptions. Cataloging standards and practice are governed by the Harvard University Library policy document, Bibliographic Standards as modified and extended by Houghton local practice as set out in this manual.

II.2. Aleph Documentation

The Harvard Library's Library Technology Services (LTS - formerly Office of Information Systems (OIS)) provides an online Aleph Documentation Center which has links to policy guides, code lists, and procedural documents, as well as a link to the Aleph Support Center.

II.3. ITS Documentation

The Harvard Library's Information and Technical Services Department (ITS) maintains a wiki. Though officially the RBT is not a part of ITS, some of this documentation can be useful.   

II.4. Houghton Department of Technical Services Documentation

In addition to the Cataloging Manual for Printed and Graphic Materials, other documentation for the Technical Services Department can be helpful in the cataloging of printed material. Particularly useful for the Rare Book Team are the ALEPH Collection codesAccession Manual and End-Processing Manual for Books.

II.5. Houghton Library Documentation

Additional Houghton documentation is kept on a local shared drive. Among those most useful are the Preservation Department's document and details on handling Houghton publications recorded at Houghton Publication Archive.