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Welcome to the Houghton Library Technical Services Department Documentation space.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Houghton Library Technical Services Department is to provide access to the library's rare and unique materials, and act to preserve the collections in our care for ongoing use and discovery. Our foundational work supports the teaching and research activities of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, and the global community of researchers.


Table of Contents

Mission, Vision, and Values

Alma Statistics: 920 Field

Alma Interim Policies and Guidelines

Acquisitions & End-Processing

Ephemera Task Force report

Graphic Materials

Macros (Restricted pages)

Manuscript Section

Digital Collections Section (in progress)

Rare Book Section

Alma Collection Codes

Withdrawing Items and Deleting Holdings and Suppressing Records in Alma

Annual Goals, 2016-2017

Departmental Quarterly Reports

TS Section Heads Meeting Minutes

Microfilm cataloging


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