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Student workers are essential to the work of the department.  Without them, our efforts in sorting, filing, end-processing, and relocation would be severely hampered.

We want student workers to find their time at Houghton Library to be engaging, fulfilling, and meaningful.

A positive Houghton experience begins with a positive hiring experience. 

At present, student workers are hired through the coordination of the Technical Services Librarian.  If there is need and funding for a student worker, please ask the Technical Services Librarian to initiate the process below.

When a position for a student worker is identified, place an ad with the Student Employment Office at Harvard University

At the SEO website, select the tab for Employers, and then select Post a Job. Log into the system using your e-mail address and PIN.

Select the View Job Postings shortcut.

I you have not posted jobs previously, click on the +Add New box. The template page will take you through each step of the process.

If you have posted jobs previously, click on the +Add New box and click on Show Archived. You will then see all previous positions, and have the option to select any one. Select one.  You may then edit the job to meet current needs.  Pay attention to dates, requirements and rate(s) of pay. When you're done, click on the Submit button.


A flowchart for the hiring process.


A flowchart for the procedures a manager at Houghton should follow when a successful candidate has been identified.


The current (2018) Library Student Hire Form for Houghton Library.
This form should be filled out by the hiring manager, forwarded to the Associate Librarian for Technical Services (Susan Pyzynski), and sent to the Student Hiring Coordinator for HL/HCL (Gwang-ho Kim).




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