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indicators:        undefined, leave blank

subfields:         $$k - Reporting subfield

punctuation:    All fields end with no punctuation.

$$k Reporting subfield

We use only subfield $$k. This consists of a string of 8 characters. If you are enhancing an accessions record already started, then bytes 1-3 will already be filled in, e.g. “A11” (or whatever the fiscal year is). You should then alter only bytes 4-8:

byte     4          C   (‘cataloged’)

bytes    5-6       the last two digits of the fiscal year (fiscal years start on July 1)

bytes    7-8       your initials (you may be replacing some existing initials with your own)


H09 __ $$k  A11C13sw


If you are making a fresh holdings record, then fill the first 3 bytes with fill characters (^^^).


H09  $$k ^^^C13sw

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