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[Updated: 06/11/2014]


For HOLLIS record:

  1. Use book record only. No manuscript MARC record is needed.

  2. In holdings record place an >856 link as:

    856  42  $$3Electronic finding aid to material inserted in Houghton copy available $$u


  3.  Remove text in >852  __   $$z   to >562 

  4. Add 006 to bib record, coded t for Manuscript language material.

  5. Add >655  _7  Extra-illustrated books. $$2aat

  6. If compiler of volume is known, add >700 with $$e compiler on the bib record and insert a note to that effect in the finding aid.



For Finding Aid:          


  1. Title should be:  [book author] [title], extra-illustrated (book call no.): 
     Guide. e.g.:  Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881.  Yesterdays with authors, extra-illustrated (AC85.F4606.872yi):  Guide.

  2.  In Quantity area, write as: 
    e.g.:  42 items inserted in 2 volumes  [no linear ft.]

  3.  In Abstract area, put the book's publication information as: 
    .g.:  Manuscripts inserted into James Thomas Fields, Yesterdays with authors (Boston:  Houghton, Mifflin and company, The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1882), including letters, notes, and compositions.

  4. In Acquisition Information, spell out as:

    e.g.:  Volumes accessioned as 43-498, manuscripts contained within accessioned as 43M-241

    Gift of......

  5.  In scope and content section:

    e.g.:  Contains 42 manuscript items, spanning 1846-1879 [put inclusive dates here, not in Summary information area above] pertaining to........etc....

  6. Add note in <relatedmaterial> if needed:  This volume also has portraits and prints inserted that are not listed in this finding aid. 




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