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(Main Classification Scheme)

EC85 = An English writer of the 2nd half of the 19th century
St487 = Cutter number for Robert Louis Stevenson
883t = First edition of Treasure Island)

The following are examples of the 3rd element of the call number:


F. Jenkin's Papers, 1887, with a memoir by R.L.S.


Poems and ballads of R.L.S., 1913; a collected edition of several works earlier published separately.


The complete collected works of R.L.S., 1925.


A Christmas sermon, a single essay originally published in his larger work, Across the plains.


French translation, Le roman de prince Othon, by Egerton Castle, 1896; the final c is taken from the first letter of the translator's surname. If the translator is not known, use the first letter of the title.


French translation, Le roman de prince Othon, by Egerton Castle, 2nd ed., 1905 (1st ed. = 1896). Use the date of the first edition of the translation, when known; later editions receive a lower-case b, c, etc. at end.


A play written by John Jones, based on Treasure Island and published in 1927.


Poems from A child's garden of verses, set to music by C. V. Stanford, 1892.


A concordance to Stevenson, written by John Smith, and published in 1950.


A bibliography of the Beinecke collection of Stevenson, published by the Yale University Library, 1951.


A life of Stevenson written by Steven Parsons, published in 1960.


Stevenson's copy of the Bible, published in 1884, with his autograph on front flyleaf.


Stevenson's Ebb tide, 1894, of which the library has two copies, the first indicated as (A), the second as (B).