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Bibliographic record

DB   HVD01



LDR  ^^^^^ntca^2200433^^^4500

001  010106987-1

005  20060919124558.0

008  060918i18511922mau||||^^||||^||||m^eng|d

040  $$aMH-H$$cMH-H$$edacs

0411 $$aeng$$alat$$ager

1001 $$aNorton, Charles Eliot,$$d1827-1908.

24510$$aCharles Eliot Norton additional papers,$$f1851-1922.

300  $$a1.5 linear feet $$a(1 box, 1 portfolio folder)

351  $$a Arranged into the following series: I. Compositions and notes by Charles Eliot Norton; II. Biographical miscellany concerning Charles Eliot Norton; III. Charles Eliot Norton-related materials; and IV. Materials not located from Treasure Room (September 2006).

545  $$aBorn in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Norton was an American scholar and teacher (Harvard AB 1846). He was a professor of the history of art at Harvard University from 1874-1898, co-edited the North American Review (1864-68), and was one of the founders of the journal the Nation (1865). Norton also wrote on art and edited collections of poetry, notably that of John Donne (1895-1905). He is best known for his prose translation of Dante's The Divine Comedy (1891-1892).

520  $$aCollection includes: Norton's autograph manuscript drafts for essays, articles, lectures, and speeches, many later published in the North American Review; a record book listing miscellany concerning the publishing of the North American Review, 1863-1868; autograph notes for Norton's various research interests, especially Cluny, Dante, John Donne, and many others; transcript summaries of lecture notes from Fine Arts 3, 1897-1898; and diplomas and awards given to honor Norton. Also includes some Norton-related materials that were given to him and later were donated to the Harvard College Library; and some items not located during the recatloging of this collection.

546  $$aMaterials predominantly in English, but also includes Latin and German.

5550 $$aElectronic finding aid available $$u

524  $$aCharles Eliot Norton Additional Papers, 1851-1922 (MS Am 2507). Houghton Library, Harvard University.

60000$$aDante Alighieri,$$d1265-1321.

60010$$aDonne, John,$$d1572-1631.

60010$$aNorton, Charles Eliot,$$d1827-1908.

61020$$aCluny (Benedictine abbey).

61020$$aHarvard University. $$bDept. of Fine Arts $$xFaculty.

63000$$aNorth American Review.

650 0$$aArt$$xStudy and teaching.

650 0$$aArt$$xHistory.

655 7$$aDiplomas.$$2aat

655 7$$aEssays$$zUnited States$$y19th century.$$2aat

655 7$$aHarvard graduates' papers.$$2local

655 7$$aLectures$$zMassachusetts$$zCambridge$$y19th century. .$$2aat

656 7$$aEditors.$$2lcsh

7102 $$aNorth American Review.


Holdings record

DB   HVD60



LDR  ^^^^^nu^^^22^^^^^1n^4500


LKR  $$aHOL$$lHVD01$$b010106987

001  012487909

005  20060918144012.0

008  0609182g^^^^8^^^4001uu^^^0000000

561 1_  $$aRecataloged from a portion of the Norton Collection, formerly part of the Treasure Room of Widener Library. See finding aid for specific acquisition information.$$5hou

541 0_  $$cGift;$$avarious donors;$$dvarious dates;$$eNor 1005, Nor 1013, Nor 4501, Nor 5257.25, Nor 5257.34, Nor 5257.35, Nor 5257.36, Nor 5257.37, Nor 5257.50, Nor 5258.63, Nor 5258.64, Nor 5260.12, Nor 5261.16, Nor 5261.20, Nor 5300.1, Norton Diploma PF.$$5hou

506  0_  $$aThere are no restrictions on physical access to this material.$$5hou

852 8 $$bHOU $$cB $$hMS Am 2507

H08  $$ac$$b20060918

H09  $$k06^^o^bs

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