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FY2018 :

September, 2017 - June 30, 2018

  • Born-digital strategy document due -- October 15, 2017 

  • Convene team and agree to deliverables -- November, 2017 

  • Establish wiki presence -- November 16, 2017 

  • Develop scenarios for donor/dealer transfers of all types of born-digital material -- November 16, 2017 

    • Establish document with common format types and our software and hardware needs in order to accession and process -- December 1, 2017 

      • Experimentation with tools in real world scenarios, e.g. disk imaging with BitCurator, email transfer with EAS and/or ePADD, deposit into DRS as opaque objects with Batch Builder; access provided via BitCurator Access -- ongoing 

      • Image disks using MacMini and BitCurator

      • Research Batch Builder for deposit into DRS

      • Write down ePADD documentation

      • Getting in touch with Jen Weintraub re: imaging a Mac laptop, using FTK

    • Research options for temporary storage (Google Drive, AWS, HUIT networked, HUIT AWS, or alternatives) -- January, 2018; develop memo outlining pros and cons of each approach -- February 1, 2018 -- resolved by June 30th 

    • Research and scope out options including DRS and Preservica for preservation

  • Research born-digital survey tools, discuss what we want to know coming out of the survey, determine which one works best for our needs -- November, 2017

    • Develop memo outlining pros and cons of each tool -- December 1, 2017

  • Survey starts -- January, 2018 

    • Develop method for identifying potential collections -- December, 2017 

    • Map out minimal processing tasks associated with collections (assessing collection needs outside of born-digital, e.g. description levels, housing needs) -- December, 2017

    • Determine methods for describing born-digital in future MARC records and accession records/finding aids

  • Plan open forum for interested curators, discuss their needs and our needs -- February, 2018 

    • Develop draft Cheat Sheets for interactions with Donors/Dealers 

    • Develop draft recommendations on gift and acquisition agreements and collection development policies 

  • Map out training offerings

FY2019 :

July 1 - December 31, 2018

  • Survey and description ongoing

  • Buy equipment

  • Finalize “Cheat Sheets”

  • Explore user stories for accessioning (investigate software, options for temporary storage); outline needs

  • Explore user stories for processing (investigate software); outline needs

  • Explore user stories for preservation (investigate options for long-term storage); outline needs

  • Explore staffing models

  • Map out training needs, determine what can be accomplished in-house vs. external

January 1 - June 30, 2019
  • Survey is complete; analyze; determine any next steps

  • Explore user stories for access (investigate options beyond laptop in reading room); outline needs

  • Build workflows and create documentation for accessioning

  • Build workflows and create documentation for processing

  • Build workflows and create documentation for preservation

July 1 - September 30, 2019 (wrap-up)

  • Finalize staffing model

  • Test, test, test

  • Finalize access policies

  • Build workflows and create documentation for access

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