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General End-Processing Procedures


  •  Place items on "incoming" shelves by size.

Student workers and/or Robin:

  • Create labels, tabs, and plates according to routing slip directions.
  • Check labels, tabs, and plates for errors.
  • Paste labels, tabs, and plates.
  • Remove blotters from the materials, and place on the correct outgoing shelf.
  • Wrap (if necessary), barcode, and label the outgoing items.

End-processing supervisor (Robin):

  • Update the item records in Aleph, and finish any Aeon requests.
  • Scan barcodes again to make sure they are functional.
  • Pack HD items in grey bins and notify HD for pickup.
  • Bring on-site items to appropriate stacks location for shelving.

RUSH Procedures

(For reference books, special curatorial requests, circulating Poetry Room books, some serials, and other special requests.)


  • Label routing slips "RUSH" and place items on the "RUSH" shelf at the top of bay 1.

Students workers and/or Robin:

  • When making labels, always include items from the "RUSH" shelf first.
  • Check and paste rush items immediately after finishing the batch. If this is not possible, give to the end processing supervisor before the end of your shift.
  • After pasting, do not place on the drying shelves, but give directly to the end processing supervisor.

End processing supervisor (Robin):

  • Edit item records, enter statistics, and deliver before the end of the day.
  • No labels