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Delivery of items for End-Processing

Place new accessions on the "Incoming" shelves before the "add new items here" flag. (In other words, move the flag to the end!) The flags ensure that items are processed in the order they arrive.

"RUSH" items go on the top of bay 1. Folios and portfolios go on bay 1, quartos on bay 2. Broadsides go on top of the bookplate filing cabinet. Notify the End-Processing Assistant about the location of oversize items.

If the items are not new accessions (ex: they are coming from the stacks or HD), please give directly to the End-Processing Assistant.

Routing Slips

All items need routing slips, which are created during the accessioning and cataloging process. 

Routing slips contain:

  • call numbers and additional descriptive information
  • collection information
  • accession numbers
  • ALEPH system numbers
  • fund/donor information
  • end-processing instructions
  • special notes/additional instructions

The End-Processing Supervisor (Robin) retains routing slips for approximately 2-3 months after items are processed.

AEON Slips

AEON slips are used to track items in Houghton that do not follow "regular" processing steps. Slips should have the status "In Technical Services - End Processing" when they arrive. The End Processing Supervisor is responsible for updating the status when the item leaves the end-processing area.


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