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HOUGEN[no display text] 
HOUBbBoxed items/small broadsides
HOUBLUEBLUE STAR (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Room) 
HOUBLUEFBLUE STAR f (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Room) 
HOUBLUEPBLUE STAR p (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Room)Flat files
HOUBLUEBBLUE STAR b (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Room)Shelved with other Blue Star material
HOUFfBooks more than 28 cm.
HOUGgObsolete, do not use
HOUWIDHarry Elkins Widener Collection 
HOUWIDF Harry Elkins Widener Collection fBooks more than 28 cm.
HOUWIDPF Harry Elkins Widener Collection pfBooks more than 46 cm.
HOUHDBLUHarvard Depository (Part of the Woodberry Poetry Room)Currently not used
HOUHDHarvard Depository 
HOUHLCBHOU-LC bBoxed items/15 x 11 folder (small broadsides)
HOUHLCFHOU-LC fBooks more than 28 cm.
HOUHLCPFHOU-LC pfBooks more than 46 cm.
HOUHLCPHOU-LC pLarge broadsides
HOUHLCPPHOU-LC ppOversized broadsides
HOUHYDEHyde Collection 
HOUHYDBHyde Collection bBoxed items/Small broadsides
HOUHYDFHyde Collection fBooks more than 28 cm.
HOUHYDPHyde Collection pLarge broadsides
HOUHYDPPHyde Collection ppOversized broadsides
HOUHYDPFHyde Collection pfBooks more than 46 cm.
HOUMmMiniature books (less than 10 cm.)
HOUMANUManuscript DepartmentMS-Ref books
HOUPpLarge Typ broadsides; Houghton-classed books more than 46 cm
HOUPFpfBooks more than 46 cm.
HOUPFBRpf (br)Large accession broadsides (obsolete?)
HOUPFHRZpf (horz)Large horizontal books
HOUPFCPF CabinetFlat files
HOU PPppOversized broadsides
HOURRReading Room 
HOURRFReading Room fBooks more than 28 cm. (?)
HOU ROOSRoosevelt 
HOU TRCLCTRC-LCRoosevelt books, LC class
HOU TRLCFTRC-LC fRoosevelt books, LC class, more than 28 cm.
HOU TRCBTRC bRoosevelt boxed collections
HOU TRCFTRC fRoosevelt, more than 28 cm (Roosevelt class)
HOU TRCPFTRC pfRoosevelt, more than 46 cm (Roosevelt class)
HOU TSTechnical ServicesMezzanine; BAL; Manuscript section
HOUWISDFWisdom fThomas Woolf books more than 28 cm.
HOUWISDPWisdom pfThomas Woolf books more than 46 cm.
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POEGEN[no display text] 
POETAPEATAPE ARCHIVEStored in Houghton basement
 POE MEDIA [none] for all A/V archival copies, Holdings suppressed from public display
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THEGEN[no display text] 
THEACTHTAct.Ed. HTC-LCObsolete, do not use
THEBbBoxed items/Small broadsides
THEFfBooks more than 28 cm.
THEHDHarvard Depository 
THEPFpfBooks more than 46 cm.
THEPPppDo not use. [Oversized broadsides (in case ranges)]
THEPPFPPF Case Range-full drawerUse for Case ranges on P1
THEPFDPFD Case Range-half drawerUse for Case ranges on P1, 45 x 61 cm
THERRReading Room 
THERRFReading Room fBooks more than 28 cm.
THETLCBHTC-LC bBoxed items/Small broadsides
THETLCFHTC-LC fBooks more than 28 cm.
THETLCPFHTC-LC pfBooks more than 46 cm.
THETLCPHTC-LC pDo not use. [Books more than 46 cm.]
THETLCPPHTC-LC ppDo not use [Oversized broadsides (in case ranges)]
THEZObject AisleObject aisle on P1
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