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Use this field to indicate the existence of a microfilm or other surrogate copy available.

indicators:        undefined, leave blank

subfields:         $$a - Terms governing use and reproduction

                       $$5 - Institution to which field applies


$$a Terms governing use and reproduction

punctuation:    Ends with a period.

Enter a statement describing the surrogate or microfilm number. For restricted materials, begin statement with “Restricted:”.

$$5 Institution to which field applies

punctuation:    Ends with no punctuation.


For Houghton materials use the form:   $$5 hou


For Harvard Theatre Collection use the form:  $$5 the


For Woodberry Poetry Room materials housed at Houghton used the form: $$5 poe

[note: materials marked with a $$5 poe, have an 852 $$b HOU]


$$a Restricted: use microfilm on file (88-321). $$5 hou

$$a Restricted: use facsimile MS Typ 321.1. $$5 hou

$$a Microfilm on file (67-341). $$the




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