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Use this field to record the name of a collective or supra-individual entity with some relationship of responsibility for the material cataloged not otherwise listed as the main entry. This includes letter recipients, signers of documents, previous owners, and other instances of associated names. This field is not to record subject access, if the material gives information concerning the individual, the name should be entered in a 610.

Enter the name in its authorized form as given in the LC name-authority file. If the entity does not appear in LC, add an entry in the Hollis record for the name as it appears, recording any relevant information to distinguish it from an authorized name.

If the item was produced by an entity of various constituent parts, record the highest element in $$a, then identify the subordinate unit responsible for the work (usually office, bureau, department, etc.) and record the name in $$c. Ignore extraneous or intervening entities (e.g., Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of the Classics).

Note that conference and meeting names that are entered subordinately to a corporate body are contained in this field rather than in 111.

indicators:       1st       0         Inverted name

                                  1         Jurisdiction name

                                  2         Name in direct order

                        2nd     blank

subfields:          $$a Corporate name

                        $$b Subordinate unit (repeatable)

                        $$c Location of meeting

                        $$d Date of meeting

                        $$e Relator term

                        $$t Title of a work            


$$a Corporate name

Name of a corporate body or the first entity when subordinate units are present; a jurisdiction name under which a corporate body, city section, or a title of a work is entered; or a jurisdiction name that is also an ecclesiastical entity.


$$b Subordinate unit

Name of a subordinate corporate unit, a name of a city section, or a name of a meeting entered under a corporate or jurisdiction name.


$$c Location of meeting

Place name or a name of an institution where a meeting was held.


$$d Date of meeting

Date a meeting was held or, in a name/title field, the date a treaty was signed.


$$e Relator term (R)

Describes the relationship between a corporate name and a work. We do not use abbreviations. There is a list of relators in the MARC documenation. Not often used with the 710, but could include :






former owner



$$t Title of a work (NR)

Use this subfield when the material cataloged includes a text created by a corporate entity not otherwise recorded in the 1xx/245.



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