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Use this field to record the name of a person with some relationship of responsibility for the material cataloged. This includes letter recipients, signers of documents, previous owners, and other instances of associated names. This field is not to record subject access, if the material gives information concerning the individual, the name should be entered in a 600.


Make sure that you enter the name in its authorized form. If the person does not appear in the LC name-authority file, add an entry in the Hollis record for the name as it appears, recording a date, middle initial, title, profession, etc. to distinguish it from an authorized name. See AACR2 22.17-20 "Additions to distinguish identical names". A fuller form of the name or a distinguishing term may be used, preferably one given on the item or in a reference book. See AACR2 for examples and format.

indicators:       1st      0         Forename

                                 1         Surname

                                 3         Family name

                        2nd    #         Leave blank

subfields:          $$a Personal name

                        $$b Numeration

                        $$c Title, term of address, or other associated phrase

                        $$q Fuller form of name

                        $$d Date

                        $$e Relator term

                        $$j Attribution qualifier

                        $$t Title of a work

punctuation:      End with a mark of punctuation. This usually means adding a full point, but do not do this when the text ends with a hyphen after a birth date or with a right parenthesis.


$$a Personal name

Surname and/or forename; letters, initials, abbreviations, phrases, or numbers used in place of a name; or a family name.


$$b Numeration

Roman numeral or a roman numeral and a subsequent part of a forename when the first indicator value is 0.


$$c Title, term of address, or other associated phrase

Titles and words associated with a name.


$$q Fuller form of name

More complete form of the name contained in subfield $$a. The contents of this subfield go in parentheses.


$$d Date

Dates of birth, death, or flourishing, or any other date associated with a name.


$$e Relator term

Describes the relationship between a name and a work. We do not use abbreviations. There is a list of relators in the MARC documentation. Those used most often at Houghton are as follows:














former owner






Use "scribe" for a medieval manuscript, usually "copyist" for a modern manuscript except when (a) the manuscript is not a copy of anything else, e.g., a dictated letter (in which case use scribe), or (b) the manuscript is intended as calligraphy (in which case use "calligrapher").


$$j Attribution qualifier (R)

Attribution information for names when the responsibility is unknown, uncertain, fictitious or pseudonymous. The MARC 21 definition is subtle. When internal evidence suggests that the author (or artist; this subfield seems to be mostly for art) is not after all a well-known person but only "school of", that person's name can be used as the main entry, followed by this subfield. Common ones are as follows:


Associate of

Attributed to

Circle of

Follower of

Office of

Pupil of

School of

Studio of

Style of

Workshop of


$$t Title of a work (NR)

Use this subfield particularly in the following two cases: 1.) If the item is an adaptation of a work originally created by another person, the adaptor will get an added entry, and the title of the adaptation should be entered in this subfield; and 2.) If the manuscript contains more than one work by more than one author, then all authors other than the main one will have added 700 entries, and the titles of their works are entered in this subfield. Omit articles. Remember that if the component parts of the manuscript are works by the same author listed in the 100/110, you will not use this field and subfield, but 740 instead. If the item is about another titled work, use 600 $$t.


100 1_ Bernard, $$c of Trevisan.

505 0_ 1. Philosophie naturelle de messire Bernard comte de la Marche Trausane (ff. 1-48) -- 2. Opuscule de la philosophie naturelle de Denis Zacaire gentilhomme de la province de Guienne (50-113).

700 1_ Zacaire, Denis, $$d 1510-1556. $$t Opuscule de la philosophie naturelle.


Note that if a name has already appeared as a main entry (i.e., in a 1xx field), it should not reappear as an added entry. For example, in a record for an exchange of letters, an added entry with the relator term $$e correspondent should be made for the person not named in the 100, but no additional entry will be made to indicate that the person in the main entry is the recipient of some letters as well as the writer of others.

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