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Subject added entry in which the entry element is a geographic name. Do not use for jurisdiction names, which would be 610, nor for geographical names in phrases, which would be 650.

indicators:       1st      #     no information provided

                      2nd     0     LC Subject heading

subfields:        $$a – Geographic name

                      $$v - Form subdivision 

                      $$x - General subdivision

                      $$y - Chronological subdivision

                      $$z - Geographic subdivision

punctuation:    end with a full point or closing parenthesis. 


$$a Geographic name

This subfield is used to enter the geographic name subject. Parenthetical qualifying information is not separately subfield coded.


$v Form subdivision

This subfield designates the form/genre of the material which contains the information concerning the subject added entry. Use $$v only when the item cataloged falls into the genre category, not something that is about the genre. Use $$x to indicate items related to the named entry that are about the form/genre. Subfield $$v is the generally the final subdivision.


$$x General subdivision

This subfield is for terms not better placed in the form/genre, chronological, or geographical subdivision.


$$y Chronological subdivision

This subfield is for a subject subdivision representing a period of time. It should be entered at the end of the subject subdivisions.


$$z Geographic subdivision

This subfield is for a subject subdivision representing a geographic location. It should be entered after the $$a. Do not use if also using a $$x.


651 _0 $$a Chelsea (London, England)

651 _0 $$a Uruguay $$x History $$y Great War, 1843-1852.

651 _0 $$a United States $$z Massachusetts $$y 1996.



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