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This field is for subject added entries that may consist of general subject terms including names of events or objects. Check for authorized topical terms in LC Subject headings. Some local headings exist in Hollis, chiefly those related to Harvard. If there is an established local record in Hollis, in can be used in some circumstances. Consult with the manuscript section if there are any questions.

indicators:       1st       #          no information provided

                      2nd      0          LC Subject heading

                                 7          Source specified in subfield $$2

subfields:        $$a - Topical term 

                      $$v - Form subdivision                      

                      $$x - General subdivision

                      $$y - Chronological subdivision

                      $$z - Geographic subdivision

                      $$2 - Source of term in $$a

punctuation:    end field with a period or a closing parenthesis 


$$a Topical term 

Topical subject or a geographic name used as an entry element for a topical term. Parenthetical qualifying information associated with the term is not separately subfield coded.


$v Form subdivision (R)

This subfield designates the form/genre of the material which contains the information concerning the subject added entry. Use $$v only when the item cataloged falls into the genre category, not something that is about the genre. Use $$x to indicate items related to the named entry that are about the form/genre. Subfield $$v is the generally the final subdivision, except when there is a $$2 to cite a thesaurus.


$$x General subdivision

This subfield is for terms not better placed in the form/genre, chronological, or geographical subdivision.


$$y Chronological subdivision

This subfield is for a subject subdivision representing a period of time. It should be entered at the end of the subject subdivisions but before $$2.


$$z Geographic subdivision

This subfield is for a subject subdivision representing a geographic location. It should be entered after the $$a at the end of the subject subdivisions but before $$2. Do not use if also using a $$x.


$$2 Source of term

This subfield is used to site the source of the term used in $$a; required if other than LC Subject headings. We use this typically only for local subject headings.



650  _0 Shuffleboard.

650  _0 Tingit language$$x Grammar.

650 _0 $$a Universities and colleges $$x Corrupt practices.

650 _0 $$a Trees $$vPictorial works.

650 _0 $$a Military science $$v Early works to 1800.

650 _0 $$a Music  $$y 500-1400.

650 _0 $$a Architecture, Modern  $$y 19th century.

650 _0 $$a World War, 1939-1945  $$x Campaigns  $$z Tunisia.


Note:  no spaces are used in initals, acronyms, or abbreviations (except: W. Va.).


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