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Use this field for subject access for a personal name.

indicators:       1st      0       Forename.

                                 1      Surname.

                                 3       Family name.

                       2nd     0       LCSH Authority

                                 7       Source specified in $$2

Note: At the moment we do not use the second indicator “7”, but as new name authority files develop, it may be used in the near future.

subfields:         $$a - Personal name (NR)

                       $$b - Numeration (NR)

                       $$c - Titles and other words associated with a name (R)

                       $$d - Dates associated with a name (NR)

                       $$q - Fuller form of name (NR)

                       $$t - Title of a work (NR)

                       $$v - Form subdivision (R)

                       $$x - General subdivision (R)

punctuation:     Divide subfields within the name with a comma or full mark of punctuation. Between other subdivisions, no punctuation. End field with a full stop.


$$a Personal name (NR)

Surname and/or forename; letters, initials, abbreviations, phrases, or numbers used in place of a name; or a family name.


$$b Numeration (NR)

Roman numeral or a roman numeral and a subsequent part of a forename when the first indicator value is 0.


$$c Title, term of address, or other associated phrase (R)

Titles and words associated with a name.


$$q Fuller form of name (NR)

More complete form of the name contained in subfield $$a. The contents of this subfield go in parentheses.


$$d Date (NR)

Dates of birth, death, or flourishing, or any other date associated with a name.


$q Fuller form of name (NR)

More complete form of part of the name that is in subfield $$a, such as when the common form of the name consists of a person’s initials.


$$t Title of a work (NR)

Use this subfield when the cataloged material is about a particular work by a creator other than the one listed in the 100/110, e.g. commentaries or reviews. Omit initial articles. If the cataloged work is a discussion of a work by the same creator as in 100/110, then enter a title in 630.


$v Form subdivision (R)

This subfield designates the form/genre of the material which contains the information concerning the subject added entry. Use $$v only when the item cataloged falls into the genre category, not something that is about the genre. Use $$x to indicate items related to the named entry that are about the form/genre. Subfield $$v is the final subdivision.


$x General subdivision (R)

This subfield is for adding a topical subdivision to a name or a name/title that is not more appropriately contained in another subfield. Cannot be used to subdivide $$v.


600 10 $$a Leoncavallo, Ruggiero, $$d1858-1919.

600 30 $$a McAllister family.

600 10 $$a Brady, Mathew B., $$d ca. 1823-1896 $$v Photographs.

For an item that is or contains a photograph of Mathew Brady.

600 10 $$a Brady, Mathew B., $$d ca. 1823-1896 $$x Photographs.

For an item that is about Mathew Brady photographs.

600 10 $$a Bernstein, Leonard, $$d1918-1990 $$v Portraits.

600 10 $$a Eliot, T. S. $$q (Thomas Stearns), $$d 1888-1965 $$t Four quartets $$x Influence.

600 10 $$a Roosevelt, Theodore, $$d 1858-1919 $$ x Homes and haunts $$v Photographs.


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