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The 5xx fields listed and treated here in numerical order, but the Hollis OPAC displays them in a different order, with various headings, as follows: 

545 (History notes)

520 (Summary)

505 (Contents)

546 (Language notes)

500 (Notes)

555 (Finding aids)

510 (References)

524 (Cite as)

544 (Notes)

581 (Publications)


The OPAC headings are repeated for each new tag, but suppressed for the second and subsequent notes with the same tag. When possible, provide citations for comments in notes, especially if the information comes from the cataloged item.

Most of the 5xx fields have the same rules for punctuation: end with a period unless another mark of punctuation is present. (Since most people think notes look strange without full points at the end, try to avoid ending a note with any other mark of punctuation.) The exception is 510, which ends without a mark of punctuation.

The fields 506, 541, and 561 display the holdings record (see section in this manual), and they display below the call number on a separate  ‘Holdings’ screen in the OPAC.

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