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This field contains a textual note giving the language(s), script(s), and/or symbol system(s) used to convey the content of the resource unless this is apparent from the rest of the description. Make sure this field is consistent with the coded information on the language(s) recorded in the 008/35-37 and field 041.

indicators:       no indicators, leave blank

subfields:        $$a - Language note

                      $$b - Information code or alphabet

punctuation:    ends with period unless other mark of punctuation is present


$$a Language note

Use this subfield to describe the language(s) of the material. Mention all languages, if possible, including English. Can also add qualifying comments, e.g. “In English with some French” or “In Latin with German marginalia.”


$$b Information code or alphabet

punctuation: preceded with a semicolon

We use this subfield remark on a character set or script.


546 __$$a In Swedish.

546__$$a In French with Latin rubrics.

546__$$a In Syriac and Arabic ; $$b (some in Karshuni).

546__$$a In German ; $$b Sütterlin hand.



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