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This field contains biographical information about an individual or historical information about an institution or event or the item being cataloged. It is for data that a reader would not easily be able to find, which sheds light on the material in hand. Displays as “History Notes.” 

Be brief! Mention if the main entry was a Harvard graduate or professor when possible.

indicators:       1st       #          No information.

                      2nd      #          Undefined.

subfields:        $$a – Biographical or historical data

punctuation:    Should be written in complete sentences. Ends with a period unless another mark of punctuation is present. 



545 __ Sarah Jones was a Minnesota housewife.

545 __ The operetta, composed by Pauline Viardot, was planned to be performed in August 1869.

545 __ The San Francisco vigilance committees were local militia movements formed to fight the crime and government corruption brought on by the California gold rush.

545 __ Lord Jim was first published in serial form in Blackwood’s, 1899.

545 __ In 1813, Lady Hamilton was arrested for debt and consigned to the King’s Bench debtors’ prison in Southwark, although she was allowed to live with her young daughter on parole in nearby lodgings.

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