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This field is for recording information about the acquisition of the cataloged material. It should always contain a first indicator of “0” for private.

indicators:       1st       0    Private 

                                  1    Not Private [do not use]

                       2nd     #     Undefined

subfields:         $$3 - Materials specified (NR)

                       $$c - Method of acquisition (NR)

                       $$a - Source of acquisition (NR)

                       $$b - Address (NR)

                       $$d - Date of acquisition (NR)

                       $$e - Accession number (NR)

                       $$h - Purchase price (NR)

                       $$5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)

puncuation:     Follow each lettered subfield with semicolon except the last with a full point.

This does not display to the public, so information that is wanted in the public display should be put into a 561 note.

Acquisition in this field means the acquisition of the item by the Harvard College Library. So if the item is a transfer from Widener, then this field refers to Widener’s acquisition (by gift, purchase, etc.), not Houghton’s. See the example below. The fact that it is a transfer can then be recorded in 852 $$x. But if the transfer was from an outside library, e.g., the Semitic Museum, Law School, etc., then use ‘Transfer’ in subfield $$c here, and the information refers to that transfer. Any information about how that library acquired the manuscript will count as “Provenance” (561).

If an item was acquired from more than one source (unusual for single items), this field should be repeated, using subfield $$3, which will display at the beginning of the field, to specify to which part each 541 field refers. Omit any subfield that does not apply.


$$3 Materials specified

Use only if materials have more than one source. Use at the beginning of each new 541 to indicate to which part of the material this field applies.


$$c Method of acquisition

Enter “Purchase”, “Gift”, “Bequest”, “Deposit”, or “Transfer”, as required.


$$a Source of acquisition

Enter the name of the dealer (if purchased) or donor or depositor. If a transfer, list both the transfer information and, parenthetically, the original Harvard acquisition if known.


$$b Address

Address of dealer, donor, or depositor, if the information is available.


$$d Date of acquisition

Enter the date in this form:  year month day (e.g. 1975 November 3), spelling the month out. If a transfer, give information on the original date of acquisition parenthetically.


$$ e Accession number

Enter the accession number here, minus the initial asterisk. This subfield is also used for a former call number. (This allows searching on this call number.) If the old call number is within Houghton, then the Houghton accession number follows it, in parentheses, still with no asterisk. See the example below. If an old call number includes an asterisk, delete the asterisk. (Asterisks interfere with searching on this field.)


$$h Purchase price

Enter the amount followed by the fund name, in parentheses. If the amount is unknown, enter the fund name without parentheses. This field is not repeatable so if funds came from several funds, enter the full purchase price followed by a semicolon then a list of fund amounts followed by the fund in parentheses, separated by commas.


$$5 Institution to which field applies

punctuation:    Ends with no punctuation.


For Houghton materials use the form:   $$5 hou


For Harvard Theatre Collection use the form:  $$5 the


For Woodberry Poetry Room materials housed at Houghton used the form: $$5 poe

[note: materials marked with a $$5 poe, have an 852 $$b HOU]


541 0_ $$c Purchase;  $$a Thierry Bodin;  $$d 2000;  $$e 2000M-100;   $$h  $$500 (Amy Lowell fund).  $$5 hou

541 0_ $$c Purchase;  $$a Maggs;  $$d  2002 September 2;  $$e 2002M-1;  $$h $$4300 (Bks. for Houghton fund, funds presented by David Goldberg ’54). $$5 hou

 541 0_ $$c Bequest;  $$a Philip Hofer; $$d 1984;  $$e 84M-1.  $$5 hou

541 0_ $$cPurchase; $$a unknown source; $$d 1923 March 19; $$e24278.116; $$h Degrand fund; $$5 hou    [for an old Widener manuscript: note the Widener call number in $$e]

541 0_ $$c Gift; $$a source unknown. $$5 hou

541 0_ $$c Deposit; $$a Semitic Museum; $$d 1959.  $$5 hou

541 0_ $$c Gift;  $$a Lawrence Lader; $$b 51 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003; $$d 2003  $$e 2003M-35.   $$5 hou



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