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Use this field to summarize the intellectual content of the item being cataloged if further information is needed beyond that provided in the 245 and 500 fields. If the intellectual content cannot be easily summarized and would be better listed, or listed and described, use the 505. Displays as “Summary.”

indicators:       1st       #          ‘Summary’

                                  8          No display (use for a second 520 in the same record)

                      2nd       #          Undefined.

subfields:         $$a - Summary

punctuation:    This may begin with a phrase or a complete sentence, followed by a period. After this first period, further information should be in complete sentences. This field ends with a period.                                         


520 __ Commonplace book of Polish poetry at the end of which is a draft of Conrad’s Lord Jim.

520 __ Letters concern personal matters and publishing interests, and include some poems by Dobson.

520 __ Account of the British forces' expedition which captured Vincennes, Indiana in Dec. 1778, with an account of their eventual defeat in 1779 at the Battle of Vincennes by the American Revolutionary forces led by Col. George Rogers Clark.


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