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This field is for notes on restrictions to access of the materials.

indicators:       1st       0     No restrictions 

                                 1      Restrictions apply

                      2nd      #      Undefined

subfields:        $$a - status of record

                      $$5 - institution to which field applies


$$a Status of record

punctuation:    This subfield ends in a period.

As per the Houghton Restrictions Policy, there are 12 possibilities of wording for this subfield (see full policy document for additional details).


506 0_  $$a Open for research.  [note first indicator of 0]

506 1_ $$a Material [or a portion of this material] is shelved offsite. Retrieval requires advance notice. Check with Houghton Public Services staff. 

Always note when collections are stored at remote location "Harvard Depository."

506 1_   $$a Restricted: fragile; use surrogate.  For access to original consult curatorial staff.  [Restrictions policy #1]

 If a surrogate copy must be used, state the restriction in the 506 and also enter the surrogate information in 845 

506 1_    $$a Restricted: fragile; consult curatorial staff. [Restrictions policy #2]

For fragile material with no surrogate copy available.

506 1_ |aRestricted: special handling required; consult curatorial staff for appointment. [Restrictions policy #3]

506 1_ |aRestricted: unprocessed; consult curatorial staff. [Restrictions policy #4]

506 1_ |aRestricted: limited access; consult curatorial staff. [Restrictions policy #5]

506 1_ |aRestricted: limited access; use surrogate. For access to original, consult curatorial staff. [Restrictions policy #6]

506 1_ |aRestricted: donor/depositor permission required; $$3material unavailable until [YYYY MONTH DD or on deposit]; consult curatorial staff. [Restrictions policy #7]

506 1_ |aRestricted: closed for cataloging until [YYYY MONTH]. [Restrictions policy #8]

506 1_ |aRestricted: closed for conservation. [Restrictions policy #9]

506 1_ |aRestricted: for legal or university policy reasons; available [YYYY MONTH]. [Restrictions policy #10]


Do not specify which curator.  Public services staff will determine which Houghton curator maintains authority of the materials. 


$$5 Institution to which field applies

punctuation:    Ends with no punctuation.


For Houghton materials use: $$5 hou


For Harvard Theatre Collection use: $$5 the


For Woodberry Poetry Room materials housed at Houghton used the form: $$5 poe

[note: materials marked with a $$5 poe, have an 852 $$b HOU]

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