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indicators:       1st      0        Varying title will display in OPAC, but not be a title entry

                                 1        Varying title will display, and be a title entry

                                 2        Varying title will not display, and not be a title entry

                                 3        Varying title will not display, nor be a title entry

(Note, in Aleph, it seems the 246 is searchable in the same way as a 245, despite the use of the no title added entry 1st indicators. )

                      2nd      #        No type of title specified

                                 0        Portion of title

                                 1        Parallel title

                                 2        Distinctive title

                                 3        Other title

                                 4        Cover title

                                 5        Added title page title

                                 6        Caption title

                                 7        Running title

                                 8        Spine title       

subfields:         $$a - Title proper/short title (NR)

                       $$i - Display text (NR)

punctuation:    This field ends with no punctuation.

$$a Title proper/short title

This subfield is the place to enter formal titles found elsewhere on the work being described (such as on the spine of a bound volume, a second title of a drawing, etc.). This is also the field in which to place normalized or expanded titles (as mentioned in 245). Also, if the title in 245 has “&” in it, or a peculiar spelling that might cause it to be missed in a search, you may enter here a title with ‘and’ spelled out, or a normalized spelling.  Omit initial articles.


245 14  The poker & the tongs.

246 3_  Poker and the tongs

$$i Display text

Entered as the first subfield, this text displays on the OPAC to give further information of the type of origin of the varying title. The title itself goes in subfield $$a. 


246 1_ $$i Title from volume 2:  $$a Pušaqa w-nuhara da-ktaba d-catiqta


As a special provision for manuscripts formerly owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps (most bear a mark and number), we give each a 246: 


246 3_  Phillipps MS 2849

(Note: these manuscripts should also have a 700 for Phillipps as a former owner.)



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