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This field is used to supplement the 008 field (bytes 35-37 “language”) when there are a number of languages, or to give information about translations, when the 008 insufficient to convey full information.  Use in conjunction with the 546, and 130/240 $$l fields when applicable.


indicators:       1st    0    Item is not, or does not include, a translation.

                              1     Item is or includes a translation.

                      2nd   #     Leave blank.

subfields:         $$a      Codes describing languages of the text or its translation.

                       $$g      Codes describing the language of significant accompanying material, e.g.marginal notes.

                       $$h      Codes describing language of original and/or intermediate translations.

                       $$k      Language code of intermediate translations.


The codes for these subfields can be found in the MARC documentation, and are repeatable except for the $$h.



041 1_  $$a eng $$a fre $$h grc

Text in English and French translated from Greek.  The 008 field language is “eng”.


041 1_  $$a fre $$a ger $$a eng $$g eng $$h ger

Score with text in French, German, and English, French predominant (first) and with a French title page.  There is a preface in English, and the original text was in German.  The 008 field language is “fre”.


041 1_  $$a eng $$k ger $$h swe

Text is known to be an English translation of a German text which was originally published in Swedish.  The 008 field language is “eng”.


041 1_  $$a eng $$h und

Text is known to be an English translation but the original language undetermined.  The 008 field language is “eng”.


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