Welcome to the resource hub for the Harvard Library Interoperability Initiative.


This is a wiki. Feel free to edit. (Note that this wiki is readable by the entire Web.)


Glossary and basics: A guide to some of the concepts and terminology

People: Interested in being part of the discussion and the initiative? Post your name, affiliation, and interests.

LibraryCloud: An interoperability layer for the Harvard Library

Vision and User Stories: An agile vision statement for the initiative (in progress!)

Projects: Online collections, ontologies, research...anything going on anywhere at Harvard that bears on library interoperability

API, Ontologies, Schemas, oh my! Have you created an API, a schema, an ontology? Post it, or a link to it.

Collection and Exhibition Platforms: Software applications for creating on-line collections, web sites, and exhibitions

Shared Canvas and IIIF: Interoperable delivery of digitized books and manuscripts

Resources: Links to information from around the world

Meeting notes: Remembering what happened at various meetings, e.g., the first unconference

Low hanging easy fruit wins: Possibilities

Interoperability inventory: Collaborative effort to create an inventory for gathering info about points of interoperability

Harvard Library Annotations Wiki. Gernot Waldner, a Harvard Arcadia fellow, will be recording information as he gathers requirements and structures the discussion about annotation of digital objects

Need help with the Wiki?

The help site (linked to from the red help icon on all edit screens) and the Confluence User Guide are good spots for initial questions.

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