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Terms of Use for Space Administrators

Space Admins are now presented with a Terms of Use agreement when they visit the wikis they administer.  Those who accept the Terms of Use will not be prompted to agree again for that wiki space unless the terms of use change. Those who decline the Terms of Use will be unable to access the wiki space for the rest of that wiki session, and will be prompted again with the Terms of Use on subsequent logins to the wiki space.  Options for space admins who do not wish to agree to the Terms of Use are outlined on the Terms of Use page on the Help wiki space.

Terms of Participation for Wiki Space Page Editors

The Terms of Participation for wiki space page editors are accessible on the edit screen next to the Save button at the top and bottom of each edit screen. Mouse over the Terms of Participation link to see terms. Click the Terms of Participation link to view all terms of use.

Group Integration

In Space Permissions, admins may now associate groups (General, LDAP, iSites Custom, and Course) with their wiki spaces.  Instructions for group permissions have been updated on our Help wiki to reflect these changes.