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Flashcards are one of the many methods students have traditionally utilized to help themselves learn new vocabulary, images, or other informations. It allows them to repeatedly quiz themselves and built a base on which they can build their higher levels of learning. This modern incarnation of flashcards allows teachers to easily create cards and organize them into decks and collections to be shared and used by students.

To add Flashcards to your Canvas course, click on Settings in the left-hand navigations. Once the page has loaded click on the Navigation tab and then simply drag the Flashcards app up to where you'd like to see it in your navigation.


"Rereading texts in close succession gives students a false sense of mastery over the material, which explains the frustration many students feel when they do poorly on a test after hours preparing. Instead of rereading, educators and parents should encourage students to use self-quizzes, flashcards and written reflections as a means to accurately self-assess comprehension of subject content." (Changing Minds: Discoveries In Cognitive Science Can Reshape The Way We Teach by Mike Kalin, Fri, Jul 17, 2015)

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