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Thank you for your email. Library notices are sent to the email address associated with your library account. If an email address is not available or if a notice bounces back as undeliverable, a paper notice is mailed to the primary mailing address associated with your library account.

It is the responsibility of library users to provide current contact information. Countway is not responsible for non-receipt of notices. Non-receipt of library notices is not sufficient reason to justify the reduction or cancellation of library fines or fees.

To update your contact information, please follow the instructions below appropriate to your situation:

  • Students should contact the Registrar's Office their school:
    • HMS: (617) 432-1515
    • HMSD: (617) 432-8243
    • HSPH: (617) 432-1032
    • Other Harvard Schools: Contact your Registrar's Office
  • HMS/HSDM faculty and staff can update their information via eCommons http://ecommons.med.harvard.edu, by calling (617) 432-2035 or sending e-mail to human_resources@hms.harvard.edu
  • HSPH faculty should contact Faculty Affairs (617) 432-1381
  • HSPH staff should contact Human Resources at (617) 432-1046
  • Faculty and staff of other Harvard schools should contact their local Office of Human Resources.
  • Countway Special Borrowers can update their information by contacting the Circulation & Privileges Department at (617) 432-2136 or circinfo@hms.harvard.edu.

If you have any further questions, please call us at (617) 432-2136 or send an email to circinfo@hms.harvard.edu.


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