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1. General Access Procedures

    • All persons entering any Harvard Longwood Campus building, including Countway Library, must be asked by the security officer on duty to present or display a valid Harvard University or affiliated institution ID card. At Countway, an alternate form of photo identification may be presented to circulation desk staff to verify Harvard affiliation as a courtesy to patrons who have forgotten their ID. Visitors without a Harvard ID will be asked to sign in at the security desk even if they are affiliated with one of the hospitals.
    • All visitors must have a valid photo ID.
    • Paid-access visitors, unaffiliated scholarly visitors, and guests will receive a day-pass and their name and affiliation will be recorded. 
    • Visitors to the Warren Museum or other exhibits must sign in at the Security Desk
    • Expired Harvard University identification will be confiscated if presented to the guard on duty at the Countway Library. 
    • All patrons without a valid HUID will be asked to sign in to the log book.

2.    Parking in the Countway Lot on Huntington Avenue

Use of the Countway Lot on Huntington Ave. is restricted in order to expedite and allow for fair access to the Countway Library, especially for patrons from outside the Longwood Medical Area who come solely to use the Library.  These restrictions are to be enforced by HMS Security and the HMS Parking Office.

2.1. Unauthorized Vehicles:

Unauthorized vehicles parked in the Countway Lot on Huntington Avenue will be towed as directed by the Harvard University Police at the owner's expense.

The lot directly in front of the Library consists of HMS- assigned spaces. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed from there as well. Direct inquiries to the Library Security Officer.

2.2  Authorization for Use:

Guest Parking permits for non-medical area Library visitors

    • Issued by the Countway Library Security Officer or Kimberly Ripley in Administration and prominently displayed on the vehicle dashboard.
    • Blank permits are stored in the Security Desk drawer. Guest permits are to be issued only to those persons requesting to use the Library.
    • Guest parking for meetings is limited, but may be given to visitors meeting with the Countway Library Directors, Managers and Faculty of DBMI. The above-named groups must request assigned parking form from Kimberly Ripley, or in her absence someone from administration, and provide visitor contact information in order to mail/scan the permit to the visitor or left with security to be picked up when arriving at the Library.
    • Parking permits will NOT be issued to employees, faculty, or students of the Longwood Medical Area.
    • Employees of satellite offices of LMA hospitals, located outside of the Longwood Medical Area may have access to the Countway Lot on Huntington Ave.

Filling Out the Parking Permit:

The Security Officer must see that the following information is clearly filled out on the Permit form:

    • User’s complete name
    • Institutional Affiliation
    • Location in the Library
    • Vehicle plate number and state
    • Date and day vehicle is parked
    • Time vehicle is parked
    • Security Officer’s initials

The yellow copy of the permit is to be given to the user.  Instruct user to place this portion of the permit on the vehicle dashboard so that it may be clearly viewed through the windshield.

Advise the user that parking in the Countway Lot is for occasional use.

The original white copy of the permit is to be kept at the Security Desk for the month and given to Kimberly Ripley at the end of each month.

Under no circumstances should the Security Officer issue extra or blank permits to staff, faculty, or users of the Library. 

Parking Stickers for Fellows of the Boston Medical Library

Fellows of the Boston Medical Library obtained via the BML Office at Countway Library 

New Countway Employees

New Countway employees who have relocated to the Boston area may park in the Countway Lot for one to two weeks.  They will be provided with a packet of permits by Countway Administration.

Medical Area Employees

Guest Parking Permits will NOT be issued to employees or students of Longwood Medical Area institutions including:

    • Harvard Medical School
    • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
    • Harvard School of Public Health
    • Beth Israel Deaconess                       
    • Brigham & Women's Hospital           
    • Center for Blood Research
    • Channing Lab
    • Children's Hospital
    • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    • HCHP/Kenmore
    • Joslin Clinic
    • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
    • Massachusetts Mental Health Center

3.  Core Constituencies

The Countway Library extends full privileges to the following core patron groups:

3.1. Faculty, Staff and Students

    • All Harvard University faculty, students, officers, and staff with a current Harvard ID

3.2. Other

    • Boston Medical Library members (some with remote access to electronic resources after one year of membership)
    • Massachusetts Medical Society members (no remote access to electronic resources)
    • Harvard Faculty, Staff and Fellows not in MIDAS
      • Some faculty, staff and fellows have begun working, but are not yet in MIDAS. It is okay to issue them a special borrower card by following this procedure:
        1. They must contact HR in order to find out how much longer it will take for them to be active in MIDAS.
        2. They must fill out a Special Borrower card application and have a faculty sponsor.
        3. Do not charge them.
        4. Only give them access until the time that they will be active in MIDAS (3 month maximum).
        5. Don't take a picture or have an ID card created.
        6. Ask if they will be checking out books. If not, there is no need to create and Aleph account.
    • If a Harvard ID holder (faculty, staff, student, or special borrower) does not have their ID, ask the patron for a second form of photo identification.  Check for the patron’s record in Aleph.  If the information is valid, give the patron a day pass. 

3.3. Research Assistants

Research assistant cards are issued at the request of medical area faculty members or current Boston Medical Library members. 

A research assistant card allows the person pictured, and only the person pictured, to access the library, remotely access electronic resources, borrow items, request recalls, and use the services of the Interlibrary Loan department, all in the name and/or under the auspices of their sponsor.


4.    Other Groups

4.1.  Longwood Alumni

Alumni of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the Division of Medical Sciences are allowed access and borrowing privileges.  Alumni are not eligible for ILL services or remote access to electronic resources.

Alumni status can be verified using the Harvard Alumni Directory held behind the Circulation Desk. Division of Medical Sciences degrees are awarded by FAS (and so listed in the Directory), Longwood affiliation can also be verified by calling:

    • HMS Registrar- 617-432-1515
    • HSPH Registrar - 617-432-1032
    • HSDM Registrar - 617-432-0311
    • DMS- FAS Registrar - 617-435-1545

4.2. Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School students and Harvard Summer School students, with a Harvard identification card, may borrow from Countway Library.  Extension and Summer School students can make ILL requests through Widener Library.

While you are registered for a course, you have access to approximately 3,000 databases and journals through the Harvard Libraries Portal. Licensed electronic resources are accessible from most computers within Harvard Libraries or remotely by using a Harvard ID number and PIN. After the semester ends, electronic resources are only available to degree candidates. The use of electronic resources for non-scholarly or commercial purposes is prohibited. For more information, call Mary Frances Angelini, Grossman Library, (617) 495-4163.

4.3.  MIT

MIT faculty, staff, and students are allowed access with their MIT ID.  Borrowing privileges may also be extended at the discretion of the MIT libraries. MIT faculty, staff, and students wishing to apply for borrowing privileges at Countway may do so at: MIT borrowers are not eligible for ILL services through Countway Library and should be directed to the MIT Libraries.              

4.4.  Affiliated Schools

Degree candidates from the following institutions are allowed access only, subject to class/faculty list verification.  The class/faculty list is provided by the registrar’s office of each school.  If a student's name does not appear on the list, they should be granted access for the day and advised that future access may be subject to verification with their school.

If available, check the lists given to us by the schools for the student or faculty member’s name and place a sticker on their university ID. This access is under the terms of the Harvard Medical Library-Boston Medical Library agreement. Access will be denied if they do not have a valid hospital/institution picture identification card. 

    • Boston University School of Public Health students and faculty
    • Boston University Dental School students and faculty
    • Boston University Medical School students and faculty
    • Tufts University Medical School students and faculty
    • Tufts University Dental School students and faculty
    • Tufts University Veterinary School students and faculty
    • University of Massachusetts Medical School students and faculty

4.5.  Affiliated Hospitals and Institutions

Members of affiliated institutions are allowed access only.  Access will be denied if they do not have a valid hospital/institution picture identification card. 

    • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
    • Boston-area VA Hospitals (Boston, Brockton, JP, & West Roxbury)
    • VA Boston Healthcare Systems
    • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    • Cambridge Health Alliance
    • Cambridge Hospital
    • Center for Blood Research
    • Children’s Hospital
    • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
    • Faulkner Hospital
    • Forsythe Hospital
    • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
    • Hebrew SeniorLife
    • Joint Center for Radiation Therapy
    • Joslin Diabetes Center
    • Judge Baker Guidance Center
    • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Massachusetts Mental Health Center
    • McLean Hospital
    • MGH Institute of Health Professionals
    • MMH Research Corporation
    • Mount Auburn Hospital         
    • Partners Health Care
    • Risk Management Foundation
    • Scheppens Eye Research Institute and Retina Foundation
    • Shriner’s Burn Institute
    • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
    • Vanguard Medical Associates
    • Youville Hospital

4.6.  Harvard College Library Special Borrowers

HCL Special Borrowers and research assistants with HCL-issued cards are entitled to borrowing privileges at Countway.

4.7.  Other Harvard

The following are considered non-core groups and are allowed physical access only:

    • Longwood Medical Area Identification Cards
    • Part-time Harvard Extension Students with registration receipt
    • Andover-Newton Theology Students
    • Harvard Sponsored Conference Attendees

4.8.  Guests

Patrons entitled to Countway access may bring family members or others as guests, provided that the guest will not be using the library for commercial or for-profit purposes.

4.9.  Assistants for Patrons with Disabilities or Requiring Special Assistance

Patrons in need of assistance due to factors that limit their ability to access library resources are be allowed an assistant.

Should an unaccompanied patron require assistance, library staff will make every effort to see that the patron’s needs are met.

4.10.  Family

Visiting family members of medical area students, faculty, and staff are welcome to visit the library, the Warren Museum and other exhibits located throughout the building.

Children under 16 years old may enter when accompanied by an adult with valid Harvard ID; children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Accompanying adults are responsible for children’s behavior.

Visiting spouses and other family members who would like to accompany an affiliated user may be granted a complimentary day pass, provided that they will not be using Harvard resources for commercial purposes. Requests for arrangements for extended or reoccurring use of Countway should be directed to the Access Services Librarian. Corporate users (regardless of a relationship to affiliated patrons) are expected to purchase a day pass. Domestic partners and spouses of current Harvard University ID card holders (students, faculty and benefits eligible staff) may apply for library borrowing privileges at

4.11. Tourists

Tourists visiting the library to see the Warren Museum or a Rare Books exhibit should sign in the exhibit notebook at the guard desk.  Refer group tours of the Warren Museum to the Center for the History of Medicine at 617-432-2170 for scheduling.

4.12.  Visiting Physicians, Medical Professionals, and Scholars

Ask visiting physicians from other states or countries to show a medical license or an ID indicating that he or she is a medical practitioner or scholar. Give medical staff and scholars a one-day pass.  If they request a pass for a period longer than two weeks, refer them to the Access Services Librarian.

Visiting lecturers should bring a letter indicating their appointment.  Give them a pass for the period of time specified in the letter. 

Any scholar interested in Rare Books should sign in at the guard desk.  The Rare Books department notifies security of patrons that have made appointments beforehand and security sends these patrons directly to Rare Books.

4.13.  Persons Seeking Access to Government Documents

Anyone who specifically asks to use our government documents must be allowed to use the library – it is a federal law.  Give them a one-day pass.  If they request a longer period of time, refer them to the Access Services Librarian.

4.14.  HMS, HSPH and HSDM Applicants

Potential Harvard students, faculty, etc. may enter the library without a pass; they should sign in at the guard’s desk.

4.15.  Medical Students Outside of Massachusetts

Give full-time medical students from other states and countries a one-day pass.

4.16.  Unaffiliated Visitors Seeking Board Review Material

Refer unaffiliated people needing certification board material to the Boston Public Library main branch at Copley Square.

4.17.  Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

As of December 5, 2012 MCPHS students are not allowed in Countway Library, due to disruptive behavior. Students who are also hospital ID holders have access to the building.

Their library typically has two or three ILL student workers who have special permission from the Access Services Librarian to have access to the building.

4.18.  Visiting Librarians and Library Students

As a professional courtesy, always give visiting librarians a day pass (or longer if requested).

Library school students with identification indicating their student status are permitted access to use Countway for their library school work.  If extended use is required, refer them to the Access Services Librarian.

4.19.  Patients from area hospitals (or relatives of patients)

Refer them to the relevant hospital library or to the Reference Science department at the main branch of the Boston Public Library at Copley Square. In some cases, a staff member may choose to issue a day pass at his or her discretion.

4.20.  Boston Public Library and other Massachusetts Public Library Cardholders

Boston Public Library and other Massachusetts public library cardholders are entitled to access Countway. Issue a day pass. If card holder has a research need that requires multiple visits to Countway, a staff member may issue a pass for a longer period at his or her discretion (not to exceed three months).

3.21.  Other Non-Commercial Uses

Staff members should use their judgment in evaluating requests for access. Day passes may be issued at staff discretion. This is particularly encouraged in the case of requests to use Countway for clinical or academic research. When in doubt, issue a day pass. Refer requests for longer periods to the Access Services Librarian.

4.22. Paid Access

Countway recently allowed paid access for visitors doing for-profit research. This is no longer allowed due to licensing issues. Some companies may still have passbooks. We will still grant access if a patron presents one of these coupons since they have already been paid for.

5.   Special Borrower Cards and ID Processing

Countway Special Borrower identification cards are issued to a variety of affiliated medical community, which includes but is not limited to, Boston Medical Library members, Boston Medical Library member research assistants, medical area faculty research assistants, and alumni of HMS, HPSH, HSDM, and FAS/DMS. 

Countway Special Borrower cards are not recognized by other Harvard libraries. Countway, however, does honor HCL Special Borrower cards for both access to the building and borrowing privileges.

5.1.  Special Borrower Identification Card Fees

    • BML Members                                                                                     free
    • Research Assistant to BML Member                                                  $15.00            
    • Research Assistant to Medical Area Faculty Member                        $15.00
    • Replacement Cards/Renewals Annual                                               $  5.00

Collected fees are processed using the Special Borrower key on the register. Fees should be paid at time of card generation. Receipts, if not given to the patron, should be stapled to the application form before being filed. If patron takes receipt, date and initial top left corner of the application form to document that they have paid.

5.2.  Before Creating a Special Borrower Account

    • The Special Borrower form is available at:
    • The form must be filled out completely by the individual requesting the ID. For research assistant cards, Section 2 must be completed and signed by the Harvard faculty sponsor.
    • Verify sponsoring faculty person has a current Harvard appointment in Aleph or MIDAS.
    • Verify the applicant’s identity with a government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
    • To create a Special Borrower card you will need your eCommons ID, Harvard ID and PIN number.
    • Give any patron filling out an application for a Special Borrower card a one-week pass if he or she does not have another ID that grants access to the building.

5.3.  Generate an ID Number

  1. Open the Countway Medical Library Special Borrower database.
  2.  Login with your eCommons ID and password.
  3. When the database opens write down the next available ID on the paper application. Fill in the web form with appropriate information below:
    • Cardholders Name (Last Name, First Name)
    • SB Code (R.A, Alum, etc.)
    • SB Affiliation
    • Proxy Sponsor's Name (Last Name, First Name)
    • Proxy Sponsor's Harvard ID
  4. Click SUBMIT button on screen. Close Window.

5.4.  Create an Account in MIDAS

  1. Open the MIDAS database.   Log in using your Harvard ID and PIN.
  2. Click on “Create person” at the top and select the role type from the drop down menu.
  3. Select the Library Borrower Code from the drop down menu. 
  4. Search for the person in the system when prompted by MIDAS.  Enter name, birthdate and click “Search”.  This is to see if the patron already has a card in the system.  If they have a card in the system, evaluate whether they are in a new role and deserve a new card or can renew/update their old card. 
  5. Fill in the form with the appropriate information below:
    • System generated ID
    • Name
    • Birth date
    • Gender
    • Email address
  1. Click ‘NEXT’.
  2. Enter the sponsor’s HUID and the research assistant start and end date.  The end date is one year later, last day of the month, unless the authorizer’s term comes to an end before then.
  3. Click “Add Contact Data”, and fill in the patron’s address information.
  4. Double check your information to make sure everything was entered correctly. Click “Finish”

5.5.  Take the ID Photo

  1. Open Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and log in to the VPN:
  2. Open the CSGold application and log in with your HUID and PIN. 
  3. Select ‘Patron Lookup’.
  4. Click on magnifying glass icon and search for your system generated ID number. 
  5. When patron information comes up, click ‘Ok’.
  6. Click on the edit button at the top of the Patron Information page. 
  7. Select which form of validation the patron has provided from the drop down menu. Click the save button at the top. If the type presented is not listed choose ‘No Govt ID Available’.   Do not use ‘yOther’, ‘zHistorical’ or ‘Unvalidated’.
  8. Click on the ‘Card Link’ button near the bottom of the Patron Information page. The Cardlink Production Window will open. 
  9. Align the camera with the patron in front of you and click ‘CAPTURE TO TWAIN’ to take the picture.
  10. Crop the picture so that the frame is from the top of the patron’s head to the top of their shoulders. If necessary, select a photo where the background is as white as possible.
  11. When complete, click ‘ok’. Photo will appear in the CardLink Window.
  12. Click the ‘Close’ button. Work will automatically be saved.
  13. Write the ID number on a Countway Circulation business card, and explain to the patron how to set up their PIN. Let them know that they will have remote e-access the next morning, and will receive an email in about a week letting them know that their ID is ready to be picked up.
  14. Write the ID number, Special Borrower’s name and start date down on the ID Services fax sheet to send to the ID office.
  15. All Countway Special Borrower Card applications and cards get filed in the right black file cabinet under the calendar. New applications that have been paid and had pictures taken are filed in the first set of folders A-L, M-Z. Applications with their cards are filed in the second set of A-Z folders. Once a patron has picked up their card, applications are filed in the back set of A-Z folders. 

5.6.  Card Renewal Procedure

If a patron’s research assistant card has expired, have them fill out a renewal application. Give them a one-week temporary pass if they need a new card.

  1. Log in to Midas using your Harvard ID and PIN.
  2. Check to make sure that the sponsor has remained the same.
  3. Change any address info that may need to be updated.
  4. Change the end date to one year later and save changes.
  5. Search for the patron in Aleph.
  6. Go to “Global Patron Information” on the left side menu. Ensure that the proxy type is set to ‘99’. If it needs to be changed, ensure that you click the “Update” button on the right hand side.
  7. Go to “Local Patron Information”. Update the Expiration Date on the HVD50 line as well as the MED line to match the expiration date in Midas. After you change each expiration date, ensure that you click the “Update” button on the right hand side.
  8. If a new card needs to be printed, add the patron information to the ID Services fax sheet.
  9. All Countway Special Borrower Card applications and cards get filed in the right black file cabinet under the calendar. New applications that have been paid and had pictures taken are filed in the first set of folders A-L, M-Z. Applications with their cards are filed in the second set of A-Z folders. Once a patron has picked up their card, applications are filed in the back set of A-Z folders. 

5.7.  BML Procedures

  1. BML cards are free since the cost of producing the cards is included in the BML membership fee.
  2. Follow all of the above procedures except:
    • Write ‘BML’ on the application form.
    • Notify the BML administrator that a BML member has applied for a card. She will check the records and let us know if the patron is qualified to receive full library privileges.
    • Only give the patron the card if the BML administrator has confirmed their membership.

6.    MIT Reciprocal Agreement

Countway and the MIT Science Library (Hayden) have a reciprocal borrowing agreement for their patrons.

6.1.  Access to MIT Libraries for Countway Patrons

  1. The patron (faculty, staff, and students only) fills out the online application for privileges on the Countway Web page at:
    1. An RT Ticket is created with the subject line “ Request for MIT Library Privileges”
  2. If borrowing privileges are requested, check patron record to make sure that the patron is not blocked and does not have a history of excessive overdues or outstanding fines. If any of these circumstances are present, a non-borrowing pass may be produced instead.
  3. Copy information from RT ticket into N:\Access_Privileges\MIT_PASSES \MIT_PASS_TEMPLATE.doc.
  4. Reformat appropriately (last name first, change approval name and date, insert tabs.) Save the template with the new information.
    1. Save as a PDF in the format YYYYMMDD_LASTNAME
  5. Resolve RT ticket, attaching the PDF pass and replying to patron with the text “Attached please find your pass for access to the MIT Libraries.” 

6.2.  Access to Countway for MIT Patrons

  1. Only individuals who want to borrow materials need to complete the MIT form found at:
  2. MIT ID-holders wanting borrowing privileges need to fill out the MIT form at the link above. The MIT librarians will verify the patron in one business day and send them a PDF of their access pass to bring to Countway. MIT ID holders need to present to the Countway Circulation desk their:
    1. MIT ID
    2. Print out of their verified MIT access pass
  3. Creating a New MIT Borrower in Aleph
    1. Get a set of 008 barcodes from the folder behind the Circulation desk and add one to their ID and to the MIT form.
    2. Open the Aleph Circ module and follow the procedure for creating a local patron. Procedure for creating a local patron:
    3. Patron Status is 52
    4. Patron type is MT
    5. MIT application forms are filed in the black filing cabinet in the MIT/MMS folder.

7.    Establishing Borrowing Privileges for Massachusetts Medical Society Members

Members can register for borrowing privileges at Circulation by filling out the MMS application form for privileges.

MMS ID holders need to present to the Countway Circulation desk both their:

    • MMS ID/letter
    • Completed MMS application for privileges form

7.1.  Creating a New MMS Borrower in Aleph

  1. Get a set of 008 barcodes from the folder behind the Circulation desk and add one to their ID and one to the MMS form.
  2. Open the Aleph Circ module and follow the procedure for creating a local patron. Procedure for creating a local patron:
  3. Proxy type is MM.
  4. A grace period requested by MMS is honored, allowing members until the end of February to renew their membership for that year.
  5. MMS applications are filed in the black filing cabinet in the MIT/MMS folder. 




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