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  • Hadzhiyska, Spergel, Dunkley: A Small-Scale Modification to the Lensing KernelarXiV:1711.03168
    Hadzhiyska, Spergel: Measuring the Duration of Last Scattering, arXiV:1808.04083 
    (presented by Boryana Hadzhiyska)

  • Shanks, Hogarth, Metcalfe: GAIA Cepheid parallaxes and ‘Local Hole’ relieve H0 tension, arXiV:1810.02595
    Riess, Casertano, Kenworthy, Scolnic, Macri: Seven Problems with the Claims Related to the Hubble Tension in arXiv:1810.02595, arXiV:1810.03526 
    Shanks, Hogarth, Metcalfe: H0 Tension: Response to Riess et al arXiv:1810.03526, arXiV:1810.07628
    (presented by Ana Diaz Rivero)

  • Satoru Takakura et al, Measurements of tropospheric ice clouds with a ground-based CMB polarization experiment, POLARBEARarXiV:1809.06556 (presented by James Cornelison)

  • Bender, SPT collaboration, Year two instrument status of the SPT-3G cosmic microwave background receiverarXiV:1809.00036 (presented by James Cornelison)

  • L. E. Ibanez, V. Martin-Lozano, I. Valenzuela, Constraining Neutrino Masses, the Cosmological Constant and BSM Physics from the Weak Gravity Conjecture,  arXiV:1706.05392 (presented by Georges Obied) 

  • Anna Ijjas & Paul J. Steinhardt, Bouncing Cosmology made simplearXiV:1803.01961 (presented by Victor Buza) 

  • Hongwan Liu: special Journal Club "seminar" about the recent Edges result: Too Hot, Too Cold or Just Right? Implications of a 21-cm Signal for Dark Matter Annihilation and DecayarXiV:1803.09739 

  • Duncan J. Watts et al, A Projected Estimate of the Reionization Optical Depth Using the CLASS Experiment’s Sample-Variance Limited E-Mode Measurement, arXiV:1801.01481  (presented by Lingzhen Zeng) 

  • E. Castorina et al, Primordial non-Gaussianities and zero bias tracers of the Large Scale StructurearXiV:1803.11539  (presented by Linda Xu)

  • M. Pospelov et al, New Physics in the Rayleigh-Jeans Tail of the CMBarXiV:1803.07048 (presented by Julian Muñoz)

  • S. Vagnozzi et al, Constraints on the sum of the neutrino masses in dynamical dark energy models with w(z)≥−1 are tighter than those obtained in ΛCDM, arXiv:1801.08553 (presented by Ana Diaz Rivero)

  • N. Krachmalnicoff et al, The S-PASS view of polarized Galactic Synchrotron at 2.3 GHz as a contaminant to CMB observations, arXiv:1802.01145 (presented by Benjamin Racine)

  • Dizgah, Lee, Muñoz, Dvorkin, Galaxy Bispectrum from Massive Spinning ParticlesarXiv:1801.07265 (presented by Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah)

  • TBD (presented by Tyler St. Germaine)

  • Abitbol, Hill, and Johnson, Foreground-Induced Biases in CMB Polarimeter Self-CalibrationarXiv:1512.06834 (presented by James Cornelison)

  • G. E. Addison , Y. Huang , D. J. Watts et al, Quantifying discordance in the 2015 Planck CMB spectrumarXiv:1511.00055 (presented by Georges Obied)

  • J. Carron, A. Lewis, A. Challinor, Internal delensing of Planck CMB temperature and polarizationarXiv:1701.01712 (presented by Victor Buza)

  • A. Manzotti, K. T. Story, W. L. K. Wu et al, CMB Polarization B-mode Delensing with SPTpol and HerschelarXiv:1701.04396 (presented by Kirit Karkare)

  • Nierenberg et al, Probing dark matter substructure in the gravitational lens HE0435-1223 with the WFC3 grismarXiv:1701.05188 (presented by Ana Diaz Rivero)

  • Castorina et al, DEMNUni: The clustering of large-scale structures in the presence of massive neutrinosarXiv:1505.07148 (presented by Nina Maksimova)

  • M. Lewandowski, A. Maleknejad, L. Senatore, An effective description of dark matter and dark energy in the mildly non-linear regimearXiv:1611.07966 (presented by Sruthi Narayanan)

  • Zheng et al, An Improved Model of Diffuse Galactic Radio Emission from 10 MHz to 5 THzarXiv:1605.04920 (presented by Ioana Zelko)

  • A. Kogut, D.J. Fixsen, Foreground Bias From Parametric Models of Far-IR Dust EmissionarXiv:1607.02150 (presented by Tansu Daylan)

  • P. D. Meerburg, M. Munchmeyer, J. B. Munoz, X. Chen, Prospects for Cosmological Collider PhysicsarXiv:1610.06559 (presented by Xingang Chen)

  • T. Louis et al, The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: two-season ACTPol spectra and parametersarXiv:1610.02360 (presented by Victor Buza)

  • C. Heinrich, V. Miranda, W. Hu, Complete Reionization Constraints from Planck 2015 PolarizationarXiv:1609.04788 (presented by Georges Obied)

  • R. Caldwell, C. Hirata, M. Kamionkowski, Dust polarization and ISM turbulencearXiv:1608.08138 (presented by Azadeh Moradinejad)
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