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This is the official wiki page of the Dvorkin-Finkbeiner-Kovac Joint Cosmology Journal Club.

We meet every other Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:00pm in Lyman 330. For any questions please contact Victor Buza or Cora Dvorkin.


Up Next


  • G. E. Addison , Y. Huang , D. J. Watts et al, Quantifying discordance in the 2015 Planck CMB spectrumarXiv:1511.00055 (presented by Georges Obied)

  • Abitbol, Hill, and Johnson, Foreground-Induced Biases in CMB Polarimeter Self-CalibrationarXiv:1512.06834 (presented by James Cornelison)

  • TBD (presented by Tyler St. Germaine)

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