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Welcome to the Harvard SEAS Biogeochemistry of Global Contaminants Research Group space. This space is created for sharing documentations and files among group members and our cooperators. Any comments, edits and new contents are all welcome.

If you have questions and comments regarding the wiki page itself, please do not hesitate to contact us (Yanxu ZhangHelen Marie Amos, and Hannah Marie Horowitz).

A guide to how to run MITgcm simulation (before ECCO4 version) on FAS Odyssey system is here: MITgcm Odyssey Guide; for ECCO4, a guide is here: MITgcm ECCOv4 Odyssey Guide

An updated version of guide to run MITgcm DARWIN/Hg/POPs simulation on MIT Svante system is here: MITgcm Svante Guide

General information about the MITgcm (independent of Odyssey / Svante) is here: MITgcm ECCOv4 general information!