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If you are a student in a class, you may be asked to annotate an image object.   If you are an instructor, you may want to provide annotations for your students.  


Whether you are a student or an instructor, the process of adding an annotation is the same.


Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Annotation on an Image Object:

1. Click on the AnnotationsX link in the left navigation bar of your Canvas site.  


2. Click on the name of the assignment and then the name of the image.


3. Click on the pencil-and-paper icon in the top left corner.



4.  Using your cursor, click and drag it across the area that you'd like to annotate.

A text box will appear, where you may type in your annotation, which could also include links and images.  

Tags, either created by you or selected from the instructor's predetermined list, can be included in the space below your annotation.  

Don't forget to save!



5.  Your selection will now appear over the image, and your annotation will be viewable to the right.


Steps for Commenting on a Student's or Instructor's Annotation: 

1. Click on the annotation to which you'd like to reply.


2. Click on "Reply to Annotation" at the bottom of the right-hand column.  Type in your comment and any tags, then save.









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